relief etchings

Relief etchings printed from zinc plates using a Rochat press onto high quality, acid free, mouldmade or handmade japanese papers. Each print edition of 150, signed, inscribed and numbered by the artist. Click the relief etching print image below to see a large detail of the print and scroll through all the relief etchings. Print titles, sizes, prices and availability are shown by clicking the numbers alongside 'titles' below.

    image size titles 01
The carpet baggers horse edition 150 285x385mm £70 unframed
Siamese cats " 360x410mm £85 unframed
Full moon " 180x250mm £50 unframed

Man being strangled and stabbed

at the same time

" 250x250mm £60 unframed
    image size titles 02
Masks edition 150 500x740mm £175 unframed
Pregnant woman " 150x150mm £55 unframed
Woman tree " 380x200mm £65 unframed
Menstrual cycle " 100x330mm £60 unframed
    image size titles 03
Swan edition 150 160x480mm £95 unframed


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