animals 2006-07

Oil painting on Fabriano 285 gsm mouldmade paper unless otherwise indicated.
Click an oil painting thumbnail image below to see a large detail of the painting and scroll through all the paintings. Painting titles, sizes, prices and availability are shown by clicking the numbers alongside 'titles' below.

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Harvest cat in moonlight oil on Fabiano paper 710x895mm [sold]
Fox and sky " 280x290mm [sold]
Atomic dog "
710x840mm £895 framed
Harvest cat "
290x340mm £340 framed
Ceremonial elephant "
280x290mm [sold]
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Fox and clouds " 710x825mm £825 framed
Green eyed gander " 290x310mm £340 framed
Small grey dog oil on Fabiano paper 290x340mm [sold]
Tortoiseshell cat " 710x895mm £875 framed

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